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Avoid the headache of downlights that don't live up to your challenging applications.

Kenall's New specification grade sealed Downlight Series is designed to maintain its seal and perform efficiently for years in challenging environments where damp and wet location listings simply aren't enough.

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Ships from Kenall within 5 days

Two-Phase Shipping, Easy Installation.

This downlight series ships in two phases so the rough-in frame can be installed first. It adjusts to fit various ceiling thicknessness. The trim housing section can then be installed once the ceiling is finished: torsion springs provide a snug fit.

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Expertly Designed with Kenall's Signature Features...

Kenall's new, streamlined design includes many of the important features you expect to make installation and maintenance fast and simple, and help insure a long LED life.


Die-Cast aluminum heatsink protects LEDs and provides long life


Adjustable, universal mounting bracket


Choice of regressed or flush lens


Housings: specular, semi-specular or white


White trim ring with antimicrobial finish, stainless steel or aluminum


Flexible dimming capabilities:
Dim to Dark or Dim to 1%

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One Simple, Modular Design

Accommodates both regressed and flush mount installations, and Ingress Protection as an integral part of the design from the start — so there are no surprise upcharges at the end.

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Sealed Regressed Lens

Applications: Healthcare, High Abuse, including Education

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Sealed Flush Lens

Applications: Healthcare, Behavioral Health, Cleanroom & Containment, Food Processing, Correctional, Transportation, High Abuse

With Features Tailored to Your Space

HA High Abuse Image

High Abuse - Millenium

HADL Series Spec - High Abuse, Correctional, Canopy and Soffit Applications

HC Healthcare Image

Healthcare - MedMaster

MDL Series Spec - Medical Applications
M4DL Series Spec - Sugrical Applications
MRIDL Series Spec - MRI Applications

Behavioral Health Applications
BHDL Series Spec

SE Sealed Enclosure Image

Sealed Enclosure - SimpleSeal

CDL Series Spec - Cleanroom Applications

FP Food Processing Image

Food Processing - EnviroPro

EPDL Series Spec - Food Processing Applications

TR Transportation Image

Transportation - LuxTran

TDL Series Spec - Transportation Applictaions


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Specification Grade Sealed Downlights

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Sealed Downlights

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Add the Power of Disinfection to Your Downlights with HC Healthcare Image

This revolutionary new technology combines white light with 405nm indigo light to provide on-demand disinfection with the flip of your lighting switch.


Cracked Lens

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Failed Seal

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Ingress of Mold

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Ingress of Bugs

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Ingress of Moisture

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