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  • Designed for Food Processing Ceiling Systems

  • Highly effective, with no visual discomfort

  • Serviceable from Above

  • Savings for the Owner and the Installer

Features and Benefits

Up to 37000 lumens delivered (295L) and 25000 lumens Reduces fixture quantities. Easily replaces all HIDs saving 50% in power
Proprietary optical system choices Better illumination for different ceiling hts while providing low glare. Optimizes distribution of light to reduce fixture counts for ceilings above 12'
No Visible LEDs Less eye strain than COB or bare LEDs
High Efficacy up to 119 lm/W Saves energy
Remote Heat extraction Heat directed outside of conditioned space reduces HVAC loads
Extended life up to 125,000 hrs Reduced maintenance costs
Designed specifically for IMP ceilings with integral rigid structural capping frame Simplifies and reduces installation time and costs. No need to cap or seal cut edges of panels
Reduced ceiling cutout by 40% Higher maintained panel strength
Top Serviceable No service tools or lifts needed in clean spaces
Fully gasketed trim No caulk needed
Extended Trim Accommodates construction imperfections
5 year LED performance warranty Trouble free operation assured
IP65 and NSF2 Certified Design Ready for food process areas


Highest Energy Savings Least Cost Old Technology Current Solution
Metal Halide EPFRO2424 - 400MPS FLUOR T5HO 6L 2X4 RECESSED
Input Watts 218 333 433 307
Initial Lumens 25886 36985 25228 21117
Luminaire efficacy rating (LER) 119 111 58 69
*Fixtures for 10,000 sf @ 50 fc maintained 21 16 30 35
Watts per 10,000 sf 4578 5328 12990 10745

*Optics plus efficiency equals fewer fixtures

Tailored Performance


Two Wattages

  • 192 Watt
  • 295 Watt

Three Different Lenses

  • Clear Acrylic
  • Frosted Acrylic
  • Textured Acrylic

Three Different Optics

  • Wide
  • Medium
  • Narrow

Optics Dispersion

  • Wide
  • epmp optic wide

  • Medium
  • epmp optic medium

  • Narrow
  • epmp optic narrow
EPMP Application Image


Rated to 600 lbs static load Resistant to walking traffic

Tested to 600 lbs static load, resistant to walking traffic

Resistant to Lab Techs

Also resistant to lab techs

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